Suzanne Chandler’s Enriching Experience at the Engage Summit at Nemacolin

by Suzanne Chandler, Event Source | Blog, News


I've attended many conferences over the years, but none have filled me up as much as the Engage Summit at Nemacolin. This event didn't just recharge me; it put me in the right headspace and showed me what is possible from a creative perspective, highlighting the areas where we need to grow as a company. Amazing is an understatement. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it. 


Overwhelmed and Overstimulated: In the Best Possible Way


The Engage Summit was overwhelming in the best possible way. It was a feast for the brain, emotions, and senses, all working in harmony to create a totally unforgettable experience. The level of creativity and innovation on display was mind-blowing, and it served as a powerful reminder of the potential heights we can achieve. 


Brand Awareness and Networking


One of the most significant benefits of attending the Engage Summit was the opportunity to raise awareness of our brand among the right people. The attendees are key players in our industry, connected to the markets we operate in. Positioning ourselves alongside the brands and vendors we aspire to work with was invaluable. The relationships and networks we built, both personally and professionally, will have a lasting impact. 


Embracing Our Value


One important lesson I took away from the summit was the need to be more forthcoming about our pricing and the true costs of our services. Instead of shying away from discussing pricing, this experience confirmed that our pricing reflects the value we offer as a company. In the Detroit region, we are one of the top rental companies in Michigan, yet we need to better educate our clients—especially retail clients—about the real costs of rentals. It's crucial to effectively communicate our value proposition and what sets us apart from other rental companies. 


Building a New Network


The Engage Summit also allowed me to forge new connections with industry leaders.  Here are just some of the amazing people and companies I had the pleasure of mingling with!


Joe Mineo: I spent a lot of time with Joe, gaining insights and sharing experiences. 


Kesh Events: I discovered that she wished she’d known about us earlier, which opens up new possibilities for future collaborations. 


Sirpilla Soirees - Nicole: Nicole is starting a WIPA chapter in Cleveland, which could be a great network for us. 


Mosaic: I met Suzy, another valuable contact in our industry.


Manny Martinez: Before the summit, I only knew Manny from Zoom calls. It was fantastic to connect in person and see how our different but complementary personalities could represent Event Source, Panache Events, and So Cool Events simultaneously. 


Looking Forward


The Engage Summit at Nemacolin was not just a conference; it was a transformative experience. It demonstrated what is possible in our industry and provided a clear path to how we can grow and improve as a company. I'm leaving this summit not just recharged but truly inspired, with a new network of connections and a deeper understanding of our value.


The next Engage Summit in December at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island is already on my radar, and I can't wait to see how we can showcase our products and services to this incredible group. 


In sum, this summit was an overwhelming, inspiring, and incredibly valuable experience. It has set a new standard for what we can achieve and has filled me with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.



What is your favorite conference or summit to attend?


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