Game-Changing Rentals: Event Source Scores a Touchdown at the 2024 NFL Draft 

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As the National Football League Draft made its return to Detroit in 2024, Event Source's team took center stage in providing unparalleled rentals to elevate the event experience. From custom lounge furniture to eye-catching bars and bespoke decor, Event Source ensured every detail was meticulously curated to create a memorable atmosphere for players, fans, and VIPs alike.


Custom Lounge Furniture


Event Source's custom lounge furniture transformed the draft venue into a haven of comfort and style. Plush White Matisse Sofas, chic armchairs, and sleek Teresa coffee tables provided the perfect setting for guests to relax and soak in the excitement of the draft proceedings.  A geometric neutral area rug helps bring this furniture grouping into a huddle. Toss in some custom throw pillows to complete the look.


Custom Pedestal Tables with Logos


These Sutton White Bar Tables not only added functionality but also added a touch of elegance to the venue. When planning for an expansive event space, it’s always wise to strategically place pedestal tables both inside and outside so people have a place to park and catch up with other event attendees. These provided popular places where guests enjoyed delicious bites while awaiting the draft announcements.


White Savannah Bar with Draft Day Decals


A standout feature of the event, the custom White Savannah Bar adorned with "Draft Day in the D" decals were a clean and professional addition to the event floorplan. It served as the perfect backdrop for toasting to the future stars of the NFL and celebrating the excitement of the draft.


The Eye-Catching Winston Bar


Standing tall and commanding attention, the Winston Bar became a focal point of the event space. With its sophisticated design and ample serving space, it served as the hub for refreshments and camaraderie throughout the draft.  In the center position, the Gunmetal Delilah Bookcases provided the perfect back bar.


Red Carpet Experience


No high-caliber event would be complete without the quintessential red carpet experience, and Event Source ensured just that. By providing and installing a lavish red carpet, every attendee felt like a true VIP, stepping into the spotlight as they made their way into the draft venue.  Sutton cocktail tables and Farm Barstools dressed the sidelines of this red carpet runner.



Event Source's Detroit team played a pivotal role in quarterbacking the 2024 NFL Draft experience in Detroit, MI. Through their impeccable rental offerings, they created an ambiance of luxury, comfort, and excitement, setting the stage for an unforgettable event for all involved.


Find more live photos from this national event below.



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