Stainless Hand Washing Triple Hot-Cold Sink

Cabinet dimensions: 34.5”W x 17.5”D x 36”H
Weight 90 lbs (w/ empty tanks)

No Plumbing Needed.  2.5 gallon Water Heater.  Adjustable temperature from 90-149 degrees Fahrenheit

6-gallon fresh tank, 7-gallon waste tank.  Fresh & Waste Tanks have handles, easy to fill and empty. Fill tank & you are ready to operate.  Faucet swivels to reach all 3 sinks.  Auto shut off the pump when the tank is empty. 

Water Pump meets UL, CSA, and NSF Standards.  Water Heater is CSA and UL Listed.  Electrical Components are UL and CSA Listed.  Water Lines are NSF, ANSI and FDA Approved.  All PVC Plumbing. Individually Trapped Drains.  Emergency Pressure valve

Only requires standard 110v electricity. Only 15 amps. No dedicated electrical circuit needed.

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