5 Must-Have Rental Items for Your Epic Graduation Party

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Graduation parties are a time-honored tradition. Typically hosted in and outdoors, these open-house style grad gatherings are casual and relaxed by nature, that is… unless you’re the host. From weather related issues to being unsure of when guests will arrive during your open-ended open house, grad parties tend to present some challenges. Whether you're throwing an intimate gathering or a large-scale bash, having the right rental items can elevate your party to the next level and provide ease to the family of honor.

Graduation parties are multi-generational gatherings where it’s important to plan so guests of all ages are cool and comfortable. Here are five essential rental items you absolutely must have for your upcoming graduation party:


1. Adirondack Chairs


Picture this – relaxing under the setting sun, beverage in hand, surrounded by your loved ones. Adirondack chairs provide the perfect blend of comfort and style for your outdoor celebration. These iconic chairs offer a relaxed seating option for guests to kick back, unwind, and enjoy the festivities in comfort. The arms doubling as a place to put down your drink doesn’t hurt, either.


2. Picnic Tables


Seating can always be an issue when you don’t know when guests will arrive at your party. Creating a communal space for your guests to dine and mingle is essential for any successful graduation party. Picnic tables offer a rustic charm and ample seating for everyone to gather around. Whether you're serving up a buffet-style feast or hosting a casual barbecue, picnic tables provide a sturdy and practical solution for outdoor dining.


3. Umbrellas


While you can't control the weather, you can certainly be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Umbrellas provide much-needed shade on sunny days and protection from unexpected rain showers. Set up a few strategically placed umbrellas throughout your party space to ensure that your guests stay cool, dry, and comfortable no matter what the forecast holds.


4. Beverage Dispensers


Quenching your guests' thirst is paramount when it comes to hosting a memorable graduation party. Beverage dispensers make serving drinks a breeze, allowing guests to help themselves to their favorite refreshments throughout the event, so the pressure is off the host. From fruity punches to ice-cold lemonade, these dispensers are convenient and add a touch of elegance to your beverage station.


5. Outdoor "Glass"-ware


Say goodbye to flimsy plastic cups and hello to stylish outdoor drinkware that's both durable and chic. Whether you prefer classic Moscow mule mugs or trendy acrylic wine glasses, investing in quality drinkware ensures that your guests can sip in style while minimizing the risk of spills and breakage. Plus, these reusable options are eco-friendly, making them a win-win for both you and the environment.



When it comes to planning your graduation party, having the right rental items can make all the difference in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. From comfortable seating to practical serving solutions, these five must-have items are sure to take your celebration to the next level. So, go ahead and start planning your epic graduation bash – because you've earned it!



What are your grad party must-haves?


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